Diamonds by Lannyte

As everyone knows, all diamonds are not created equal. The same is true of  diamond
simulants.  For 25 years, The Lannyte Company has been providing top jewelry
designers the highest quality diamond simulants that are visually as perfect as any
flawless natural diamond. Whispers is now your online source of that same perfection.  
Offering the elegance, fire and radiant brilliance you have come to expect in the
highest quality natural mined diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Engagement in your future?              

Getting engaged and want to give her the very best...
Lannyte Diamonds are the diamond alternative that offers the same
standard of elegant beauty that is found in a diamond.  Only you will
know it came without the price tag. Save your money for the honeymoon, wedding,
maybe even a down payment on a house! Once a Lannyte Diamond is set in Gold or
Platinum, you will know you made the perfect choice.