What is Lannyte

Proprietary minerals and individually hand cut by top cutters to the precise
ideal diamond standards.  Lannyte Diamond cutters have taken this simulant
to the next level and actually polish the girdle to the same satndards as any
mined diamond standards.  It is rare that a lab grown simulant company
would take a simulant diamond to this level. It is a very time consuming and
expensive part of the cut and polish process for any stone. It does add a little
to the cost, but what you get Lannyte is a laboratory grown, simulated
diamond that are created from is a true, crisp, diamond look with the fiery
brilliance and radiant beauty you've come to expect from a genuine mined

The end result is a diamond simulant that is visually identical to a natural
diamond.  In fact, without performing a specific gravity test or examination
under a high-powered microscope, even accredited gemologists have
difficulty telling the difference between and natural mined diamond and our
simulated diamonds!

Lannyte diamonds are durable with a Mohs hardness rating of 9.10
(compared to CZ 8.0-8.5, mined diamond 10).  Unlike natural diamonds,
they area free of any   inclusions and flaws.  All Lannyte diamonds are 100%
conflict free and backed by Lannytes
UNCONDITIONAL Lifetime Guarantee.
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